Kingdom Game

Here is J2ME implementation of classic computer game Hammurabi (also known as Sumeria, Kingdom or King of Sumeria) created in the middle of 70-es by David Ahl. Been in high school I was seriously "contracted" by this game for 3 long months... About a year ago (intensively working working on J2ME appications) I recalled my school "love" and decided to port it to cell phones. Cannot say it happend to be easy task, work started from analysis of multiple versions of the game, followed by creation of UI acceptable for cell phones (original UI is command line) and score rules (for hall of fame).


You govern the ancient kingdom. You will do this through careful land trading, food distribution and land usage. Rats, starvation and plague are the enemies which you must fight against every step of the way.
Each year you must decide whether to buy or sell land, how much grain to feed the people, and how many acres to plant. Once you've decided on your resources by entering the appropriate amounts, press DONE soft key and you will be told of the results of your decisions.
Your rule consist of 4 terms, 10 years each. At the end of each term you can retire or continue the game. For each completed term you get points. Smart management is right path to the hall of fame!

Links and sources

History of the game (from Matthew Stibbe)
Source code published in "BASIC Computer Games" (edited by David H. Ahl, 1978)
Another link to original source code
Wabburami (A Waba version of the classic Hammurabi game for PalmOS)


FIRE switch between buying and selling (when buy/sell line is focused)
<#> get hint for current field, game will suggests you an amount (based on what you have)
<*> backspace

If you need to interrupt the game - don't worry. You can always restore the interrupted game by choosing "Restore Game" menu option.


1. A bushel of grain provides seed for 2 acres
2. A person can seed 10 acres of land
3. People flee from strvation unless they receive 20 bushels of food per year per person
4. Immigration to your country is up if you distribute more than 20 bushels per person
5. Your parents will be upset if populations less than 50 - consequences will follow...
6. If immigration exceeds current populations - coup is imminent.

Nevertheless - good luck!

Requirements to cell phones

You have to have cell phone with J2ME support...

  • ...which can load midlets up to 50kB size (current application size about ~42kB)
  • ...which has screen size better than 90х90 pixels (the game will work on any screen but navigation is inconvinient for small screens)

    Downloads (v0.9.7)

    Version for Motorola phones:
    kingdomm.jad kingdomm.jar

    Version for Motorola iDEN phones(black-and-white 4 color screen):
    kingdommi85.jad kingdommi85.jar

    Version for Nokia phones:
    kingdomn.jad kingdomn.jar

    Version for Siemens phones:
    kingdoms.jad kingdoms.jar

    Version for SonyEricsson phones:
    kingdomse.jad kingdomse.jar

    Version for LG Electronics phones:
    kingdomlg.jad kingdomlg.jar

    Version for Sun WTK (just in case)
    kingdomw.jad kingdomw.jar

    Version history