MidletInfo Demo

This midlet obtains information about phone resources available from java environment:

Note: To compile this midlet you have to download jMobileCore package and proper jMobileCore JAR file into lib folder of this project.

Downloads (v0.9.1)

Version for Motorola phones:
MidletInfom.jad MidletInfom.jar

Version for Motorola iDEN phones(black-and-white 4 color screen):
MidletInfomi.jad MidletInfomi.jar

Version for Nokia phones:
MidletInfon.jad MidletInfon.jar

Version for Siemens phones:
MidletInfos.jad MidletInfos.jar

Version for SonyEricsson phones:
MidletInfose.jad MidletInfose.jar

Version for LG Electronics phones:
MidletInfolg.jad MidletInfolg.jar

Version for Sun WTK (just in case)
MidletInfow.jad MidletInfow.jar

Version history history.txt