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Class CheckboxGroup

  extended by com.jmobilecore.ui.core.CheckboxGroup

public class CheckboxGroup
extends java.lang.Object

The CheckboxGroup class is used to group together a set of Checkbox buttons. Exactly one check box button in a CheckboxGroup can be in the "on" state at any given time. Pushing any button sets its state to "on" and forces any other button that is in the "on" state into the "off" state.

Greg Gridin
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Field Summary
 Checkbox selectedCheckbox
          The current choice.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void setSelectedCheckbox(Checkbox box)
          Sets the currently selected check box in this group to be the specified check box.
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Field Detail


public Checkbox selectedCheckbox
The current choice.

Constructor Detail


public CheckboxGroup()
Method Detail


public void setSelectedCheckbox(Checkbox box)
Sets the currently selected check box in this group to be the specified check box. This method sets the state of that check box to "on" and sets all other check boxes in the group to be off.

If the check box argument is null, all check boxes in this check box group are deselected. If the check box argument belongs to a different check box group, this method does nothing.

box - the Checkbox to set as the current selection.
See Also:
Checkbox, setSelectedCheckbox(com.jmobilecore.ui.core.Checkbox)

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