jMobileCore toolkit

jMobileCore library is powerful tool for creating J2ME applications. jMobileCore provides support for developing compact and rich Canvas-based GUI, fast data access, reliable communications and simplifies creation of multithreading midlet applications.

jMobileCore library is written on Java2 Mobile Edition (MIDP1.0 and CLDC1.0) and using standard Sun J2ME libraries. Some classes are using J2ME manufacturer's extensions (from Nokia and Siemens) for better performance and presentation. No other libraries and/or frameworks are used.

jMobileCore library is targeted to work on any phone or PDA device which supports J2ME (MIDP1.0 and CLDC1.0). Today list of supported devices includes (but not limits) phones:

  • LG Electronics (like 5320),
  • Nokia series 30/40/60 (ex: 6200, 3650, 6800),
  • Motorola iDEN (ex: i85 ,i730, i860), Motorola T7xx,
  • Samsung (like C100, S100/200/300),
  • Siemens (like SL45, S65),
  • SonyEricsson (like T6xx)

    The toolkit is designed to help J2ME developer create professionally looking midlet applications, save his/her time by reusing AWT-like components and concentration on business specifics instead. Currently existing toolkits SyncLast MIDP API and Nextel's Open Window Toolkit does not perform well: SyncLast is limited to GUI interface only and class structure is not AWT-like (require significant time for learning). Nextel OWT is "resource hungry", slow and it's development stopped at September 2001

    Major features of the jMobileCore library:

  • GUI (Canvas-based) support including "core" part (standard GUI controls: Label, TextField, TextPane, TextArea, List, Menu, SoftButton etc.) and "extensions": non-standard but useful phone-oriented graphic controls (PropertyLabel, SplashScreen, DateField, TimeField, CurrencyField, PhoneNumberField etc.)
  • Data storage support: implementation of fields (boolean, integer, string, binary), records, tables, keys and indexes on the top of RMS
  • Communications: implementation of general support for HTTP and binary(over HTTP) data transfer
  • Parallel processes support: classes which allows simple conversion of user tasks (classes) to asynchronously working threads
  • And, of course, examples

    Most recent version is v0.1.7.
    For downloads please visit SourceForge project page
    Version history: history.txt

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